Comprehensive Implantology Program

Duration - 100 hrs Program

Program Highlights:
  • Start up program for dentists having little or no exposure to implantology.
  • Open to users of all reputed implant systems in India.
  • Focus on science of implantology.
  • Well credentialed internationally recognized faculty.
  • Lectures, Hands-on pre-clinical training on Styrofoam models.
  • Implant placement on patients under expert supervision, by the participants.
  • Implant placement, Stage 2 surgery, Impressions and the prosthesis delivery done by the participants.
  • The first scheduled module, of 4 days, covers the lectures and implant placement on patients. The following 3 modules, of one or two days clinicals, can be opted by the participants as per their convenience.
  • Continued assistance by the faculty even after the completion of program.
  • Opportunity to become Fellow / Diplomate of ICOI.
Program Objectives:
  • To have a comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics of implants and biology of implant-based oral rehabilitation
  • To enable case-selection, clinical & radiographic assessment of patients for dental implant rehabilitation
  • To achieve a satisfactory degree of skill and confidence in standard implant placement
  • To get practical tips on how to avoid common pitfalls and complications in implantology
  • To familiarize the clinician with various components used in clinical sequence during completion of the rehabilitation.
  • To optimize usage of Prosthetic options available in the product line of the particular company
  • To facilitate good communication between the Lab technician and clinician.
  • To enable a foolproof treatment plan to be made at the commencement of each case
Program Duration & Schedule
  • 100 hours program
  • 9am to 6pm on all days (with breaks for lunch & tea)
  • Dates – will be displayed on the Program Calendar in home page.
  • Venue: Cochin Implant Institute, Kalamassery, Cochin
  • Limited to10 participants per batch for greater interaction
Program tuition: (Includes)
  • One Implant, for the participant, to place on the patient, during the Program.
  • Styrofoam jaw models & dummy implants
  • Use of dental operatory and consumables
  • Handouts of the program
  • Lunch & Tea on all days.
  • Patients are provided for the program. Participants can arrange for, and bring their own patients, if so, they desire.
  • Participants who wish to place more than 1 implant can do so, on payable basis. (with prior information to the Program coordinator).

Lecture Topics:

  • Osseo integration & Bone Biology.
  • Indications / Contra-indications
  • Imaging (CT scan / X rays) & Model analysis
  • Treatment planning & Rehabilitation options
  • Surgical Protocol for soft/dense bone types.
  • Surgical Template/ Guided surgery.
  • Hands-on on models.
  • Biomechanical Considerations in implantology
  • Surgical Considerations, Pharmacology, Consent, Post-care.
  • Case planning with participants - Discussion with Radiographs & Models.
  • Familiarization of participants with Prosthetic armamentarium, components, and accessories
  • Impression Techniques
  • Different types of prosthesis
  • Implant occlusion
  • Temporisation
  • Overview of Complications & failures
  • Overview of Direct & Indirect Sinus lift procedure.
  • Overview of bone and soft tissue grafting
  • Guidelines to Implant restoration and after care

Live demo:

  • Surgical and prosthetic demonstration on patients by the mentor
  • Demonstration of Ostell (ISQ), Piezo surgery unit, physiodispensor and other equipments used in implant dentistry
  • CBCT Planning and Printing of surgical guides

Hands on:
  • Implant placement on patients by the program participants
  • Stage 2 surgery on patients
  • Impression making and prosthesis delivery on patients
  • Implant placement and impression making on dummies
  • Study model analysis and treatment planning
  • CBCT analysis and planning

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