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Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Francisco J. Arranz Rodriguez

“As a participant of Cochin Implant Institute, I would recommend to all who wants to improve their knowledge in the field of implantology, to participate in the courses. As a European I can say that the institute has the technology, knowledge and dental standards, which in many cases has even exceeded ours. Their staffs are friendly and dedicated. The entire organization works as a group. In my case, I completed the International Program, aimed at doctors who are new in the field of dentistry, performed by Dr. Jaibin George, Dr. Kiran Kumar Gadamsetty. It aims to improve the understanding of the implantology and the prosthesis. I am so pleased to be back next year. I found my training center.”

Advanced Course

Major Dr.Pravin Prathip.J

"Firstly, I would like to thank Dr.Jaibin for organizing such a wonderful course on Advanced Grafting Procedures in Implantology. The Course Mentors, Dr.Lanka Mahesh and Dr.Vishal Gupta guided us very well, both in the lectures and also during the Hands-on. Our concepts about sinus lift got totally cleared and we are now eagerly looking forward to do it on our own clients. I thank Lord for such a wonderful opportunity and pray that these courses should be taken upon an International level, next time, including mentors from abroad as well."

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Anie Paul

“Dental implantology has marked a vital position in the contemporary dentistry, when it comes to replacing a missing tooth. The technology as well as the science behind it is highly welcoming and promising. The Implantology course conducted by AADS provides us with all the important and imperative information regarding the planning, diagnosis and execution of the implant procedure. The lectures were very simple and carried enormous practical knowledge regarding the placement of implants as well as the various techniques associated with it. The clinicians were highly skillful and they helped and assisted us during each stage of the procedure with patience and that has helped us to do our course with much ease and confidence. We were allowed to assist and observe different type of cases that includes Direct and indirect sinus lifts, Socket preservation, Ridge augmentation etc along with implant procedure. Though I had a prior exposure to the same during my post graduation, the current course had enlightened me further and had directed me to the inner core of implant dentistry.

In short I should say that the course offered was an enjoyable trip to the world of Implantology and the one which helps us to continue our journey with lot of confidence and perseverance.”

Advanced Course

Dr.Chamundeswary, Chennai

“A very good, highly organized, friendly course and faculty. Helping us to do on a patient, boosted our confidence. This is a rare opportunity. Thank you for your hospitality and looking forward to meet you all in future. Special thanks to Dr.Jaibin and his team.”

Advanced Course

Dr.Mathew Philip

“Great hands on experience, well organized courses.”

Advanced Course

Dr.Sebastian Thomas

“Best hands-on thankful to Dr.Jaibin, Dr.Lanka, Dr.Vishal Gupta and Dr.Bindu. Few lectures could have been better. I am indebted to Dr.Jaibin for the type of cases, responsibility.”

Advanced Course


“It was a very good course. Nice to see & do surgeries on patients. It gave a good experience."

Advanced Course


“A very well designed as well as executed course. Hands-on session was awesome, good experience to be with good mentors and good staff. Keep up the good work with wishes.”

Advanced Course


“Great mentors, good variety of cases, and well arranged for maximum benefit of participants wonderful job Dr.Jaibin.”

Advanced Course

Dr.S. Anil Kumar

“Thank you very much, Dr.Jaibin for arranging such a wonderful course which you won’t get anywhere, I hope to see you again in the next advance course.”

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Binu J Thomas

“course was great. short and sweeet. really helpful”

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Subhash Rajagopal, Lakshmi Hospital, Aluva

“Implantology course by Dr.Kiran whose 1st batch, I had the privilege of joining was a revelation. Dr.Kiran with delightful wit and compelling sincerity made the classes fascinating right from day one. He, with thorough knowledge in Implants and all fields of dentistry guided us in learning Implantology and brought fruition to the desire of placing Implants successfully. The course helped me imbibe a lot of self respect and confidence.”

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Vijit Vadhyar

“... the classes were well organised, covering almost all topics of relevance. implant placement in patients was really confidence boosting. the professional yet personal approach of the instructors was really helpful during the course. even after the completion of course the faculty has been more than ready to help us in need, which is especially important with implantology, where any bad decision can be detrimental to the outcome. the course is highly recommended for beginners...”

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Joksi Tony

“the course is well organised and interactive. the mentors are fantastic and very supportive. the practical sessions are the ones that are more tricky and demanding. but the mentors guide us through it in such a fine manner that we gain confidence in performing the procedures. classes are also praise-worthy with more and more exposure to cases done by different dentists. hats-off to Dr.Kiran and Dr.Jaibin for making Implantology so easily accessible to general practitioners as well in the best professional way. this course is an excellent choice as far as imparting knowledge and skill in implantology is concerned. i would say 100 hours got over very fast.”

Advanced & Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.S. A. Mohamed Ali

“I was very much pleased on taking this course. Because it gave me the opportunity to perform surgery on patients. Little more details can be focused on explaining the instruments and in surgery - especially Osteotomes.”

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Saikat Deb

“A good advanced course surgery conducted at J J Dental Care on Sinus Augmentation.”

Advanced Course

Dr.Reena Mariamma Kovoor

“This course is really good for starting Implant practice in our own clinics. I feel confident, that I would be supported all the way.”

Advanced & Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Mukesh Mohanan Nair

“I have personally felt that the course offered in the institution is one of the best one can receive from experience faculty. Who are there to guide us in each and every step. I think I had made the right choice do my advanced course in this Institution. My heartfelt congrats to Dr. Jaibin and Dr. Kiran for offering a beautiful platform to study surgical Implantology.”

Advanced Course

Dr.N. V Jayatilake

“Good comprehensive program for three days. If more clinical exposure was available it would have been good. Faculty was excellent very friendly and thorough with procedure.”

Advanced Course

Dr.Santosh Dixit

“The advanced course was very satisfactory. It will be better if variety of cases on kept for discussion time also should be allotted for difficult case discussion.”

Comprehensive Implantology Course


“A very good experience and it raised our confidence.”

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Saji Thomas

“Dr. Kiran’s presentation and classes were extremely good. His humour sense and countless examples to convince a fact was really awesome. I believe he is a born teacher. Good Luck, God Bless”

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Ridwaan Abram

“I completed the comprehensive implant course at the Cochin Implant Institute in August 2014.

I would recommend this course to anyone, irrespective of experience, looking for good clinical experience in implant placement. All placements are done under the skilled supervision of Dr Jaibin George, who is always willing to share his knowledge with you. The training I received varied from simple placements to more advanced cases and at the end of it all I feel confident enough to attempt the procedure in my own practice in South Africa.”

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.R. Vijayalakshmi

“I came here to get an idea of implant placement. I got both idea and confidence of placing implants after attending the course. I think the unique feature in this course is that not only success if implant placement was discussed, even the complications and failures were shown and discussed with clinical case photos, which is very rare in such course. The faculty is highly knowledgeable both clinically and theoretically and they don’t have any inhibition to sharing that. Projection of more videos would be an added advantage.”

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Mohammed Rafeeque

“The time duration of class should be reduced. The cost of the instruments should be discussed. The average treatment charge should be informed.”

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Fiaz Shemshudeen

“Found this course very informative and was able to understand Implantology and its basics. Very good to interact with the staff. Very good got a lot of doubt cleared looking forward for further interaction..”

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Aby Hormice

“Course was very good .First time I am attending the implant course. I am sure I can incorporate implant in my practice after getting so much of inspiration from the course. Thanks to Dr. Kiran and Dr. Jaibin..”

Comprehensive Implantology Course


“After the course I have got a fair amount of confidence with implants. I felt that there should have been more case discussions. The faculty is good, the infrastructure is great and the support staff was excellent. Congrats Dr.Jaibin and Dr.Kiran”

Comprehensive Implantology Course


“Simple Knowledge course just right for a person to start practicing Implantology .Very helpful and friendly faculty.”

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Jacob Cheeramelil

“Very, very inteteractive. Have to distribute models and implants during lecture or show a demonstration before the lecture.”

Comprehensive Implantology Course

Dr.Abdul Kalam Azad

“It was a wonderful, friendly and a very well organised course by Dr Jaibin George and Dr Bindu Cherian at Cochin Implant Institute. The theory classes were covering almost all topics of relevance with one to one interaction. The faculty were very helpful and guided us through each and every stage of implant placement which instilled a lot of confidence in each one of us.
I personally feel that I have made the right choice because I was able to clear a lot of doubts regarding dental implant placement and it has given me the confidence to start implantology in my practice. I recommend this course for all who are planning to start with implant practice and also those who want to improve their knowledge and skill in implantology.
Enjoyed the time with with everyone there. Planning to come back for advanced course soon.”

Advanced Course

Dr Minal Patil (Australia)

“When I first looked into the courses that Cochin implant institute offers, I had my apprehensions. I had done few courses before and wasn't fully satisfied with the outcome. But I spoke to Dr. Bindu and she answered all my questions over the phone and I decided to do the advanced implant course with cochin implant institute. It has by far one of the most informative, interesting, professional, educational course I have attended in faculty of implant dentistry. Mentors Dr Jaibin George, Dr Tarun Kumar and Dr Amol Thorat were excellent. The live surgery experience is conducted very efficiently and you get to learn the most complex procedures from the best in the dental industry. It has added lot of value to my clinical knowledge and skills in implant dentistry. Also after the course the mentors are very supportive and guide you if needed. I highly recommend these Institute for anyone who wants take that step ahead in the field of implant dentistry.”


Dr.Blessings Kutadakwashe

“Thank you for the wonderful experience. The basic course as very informative and equipping. I look forward to coming for more courses in future, and also working with your team members in Zimabwe.”



“Thank you for making implantology an easy cake. Few days ago, I was so oblivious about implants. Now I am very confident about implants, and ready to place them in patients with ease. It was only possible because of Dr.Jaibin and Dr.Febel. Thank you once again. You guys rock!!”


Dr.Saji Cherian

“I felt the course very good; very much informative in all fields of Implant Dentistry. It would be better if the participants gets one more day in the course, so that the theory part won’t be mere within the constraint days.”


Dr.Reena Philip

“The course was very good and informative. Nicely organized. It was even helpful when we could do it on patients. Good location, good lecture. Things to improve are: Topics could be minimized and simple.”


Dr.Rinu Rajan

“This course has been beautifully organized with lectures covering all the major topics, Hands-on, and co-operative patients. The lectures highlights were they covered even the minor details and techniques to get a successful practice.”


Dr.Geetha C.P

“· Good Co-ordination
· Individual attention to every participant
· Clarity of the topics covered was good.(especially the prosthetic part and occlusion, which were very confusing)”



“Hands-on was good, which gives you an idea on how we are going to do it on the patient. All the procedures from surgery to crown delivery, I’ve got a good experience on the patients.”



“The interactive lectures allowed for clarification of all concepts, that coupled with the Hands-on sessions made learning more easy and enjoyable. It will certainly help to increase the implant work I conduct at surgery as the systems taught in this course are easier to use and affordable to my patients.”

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